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"The best way to predict the future is to create it" - A. Lincoln 

What is The Goal Creation Academy?

It is NOT another course on "Setting Goals"
It is NOT another "motivational" course
it is NOT another  "success" course

The Goal Creation Academy is a SHORTCUT

Being unmotivated and not setting goals is just a symptom of a problem that is plaguing the world. The real challenge is that is something that you aren't even able to see.  That being said, there is an easy solution to this problem once you know how to see it.

Inside The Goal Creation Academy you're going to learn how we have helped 100s of entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs to create MORE SUCCESS & MORE FREEDOM in their life so they can create their goals into reality.

You don't need to learn how to set goals, or how to be motivated.  The Goal Creation Academy will help you learn how to create your goals into reality to create more success & freedom in your life & business.

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 I went from a meager $65,000 annual income to a whopping $130,000 annual income! Instead of just scraping by, I now have the money to do anything I want. Not only have I become secure financially, I am secure mentally as well." -A. McDonald

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"This has helped me go from being one of the struggling new guys at my job into one of the top performers, my paychecks have literally tripled in size. Cody’s method of coaching helped me focus on the portions of my sales that I didn’t even know I was struggling with, his years “in the trenches” have given him a unique perspective, he is able to help you avoid pitfalls before they arise, and get out of a slumps and focus on the more impactful portions of Life"
-D. Kay

Introducing The Goal Creation Academy - 
The Ultimate Goal Creation Course to Creating More Success & Freedom In Your Life & Business

Everyone knows how important goals are 
and they don't have problem setting goals.

Most people don't set goals...

Because They don't know how....

To create their goals

Here is the thing..

Every goal that you set will have the same process to follow.

I call this process....

The Creation Formula.

Here is what you are going to learn in the Goal Creation Academy

4 Content-Packed Modules

 Module 1: Attention & Awareness

  • What is the biggest challenge when it comes to reaching your goals? There is a simple change you can make to make your goals more crystal clear
  • The major reason why your energy goes where your attention goes, and how the world is using that attention against you
  • Learn the different levels of consciousness and why you actually want to be unconscious for parts of your life
  • ​Learn the difference between attention and awareness and how the difference will allow you to control your goals
  • ​The reason why being the master of your life is important and how that will change the dynamic of your life and business through the concept of creation

 Module 2: Visualization

  • What in the world is visualization? Why the world has it wrong and why the law of attraction is not correct.
  • Learn how to harness more potential from your brain and hack the system designed help you survive, so you can not just survive but THRIVE!!
  • Visualization is the key to overcoming your doubt, and why the doubt and fear that you have can be completely replaced 
  • ​Should you be meditating and using the sources of a higher power? How to really do "creatitation" to turn your meditations into creative accelerating activities.
  • ​Learn what a vision board is and how to make it to create 2x-3x in 1/2 the time by harnessing all the resources around who.

 Module 3: Action

  • The key to getting started and taking implemented action to actually make a difference.
  • ​How to get in momentum and how momentum is actually a pendulum that you can use in your daily goals
  • ​How to keep your focus in a world that has so many options and decisions, There is a secret to being more decisive that you can use to dial in on your goals and eliminate distractions
  • ​How to build belief to through the stories that are told.
  • You don't need motivation.  Being unmotivated is a symptom for deeper problem that is preventing you from taking action. Motivation is never the answer to your problem
  • You to take control of your time to accomplish everything you need to accomplish.

 Module 4: Creation

  • ​How to finally start moving your life forward by creating the goals you want into reality
  • The importance of destroying and how the improper way to destroy the materials in your life can either harm hinder or help you
  • The difference between conscious and unconscious creations.
  • ​How to turn your creations into awareness and start the Creation Cycle to build momentum

And That Is Just The First 4 Modules!!...

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